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Lizi Gambell is a CONTROL Practitioner, HypnoTattoo Artist and owner of Ritual Art Tattoo. She has run Ritual Art Tattoo, with her husband since 2000.  They pioneered a client centred approach, within their studio and are very well established in the South East as a successful custom tattoo shop. 

Working closely with clients, LIzi found that she was able to connect easily and build a great rapport, which led to feedback that clients were getting more out of the tattoo sessions than just a great tattoo.  This led Lizi to embark on the journey of opening her mind to alternative beliefs and attitudes...and educating herself on the power of the sub-conscious mind.   After a great deal of research, Lizi connected with Tim Box, who is the creator of the CONTROL system.   Lizi attended one of the CONTROL Workshops, and it really resonated with her and she began training straight away. 

Lizi uses The CONTROL System to empower her clients and change negative behaviours and beliefs, into focused and positive new approaches to life. Lizi has treated many clients using the CONTROL System one to one and is excited to introduce CONTROL Workshops to her tattoo studio in Rainham, Kent.

Lizi has pioneered HypnoTattoo at Ritual Art, with its therapeutic focus a tattoo is now an even more meaningful event for clients. Tattooing has throughout history, marked an event within a persons life, a reminder of initiation, empowerment, a coming of age and belief and Lizi is bringing this full circle with HypnoTattoo. We can choose to let go of things that hold us back and start anew. With a reminder on our skin how we are more empowered and in CONTROL- Creating a permanent, positive change.



Day Retreats

3rd May 2019
Events Lizi runs Workshops and Day Retreats set in the beautiful Kent countryside that promote balance, mental well being and finding

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