Date Posted: 27th May 2019

This perceived Laziness can come from lots of different places, perhaps boredom, lack of motivation, depression... but in all of these cases it is a strategy. A strategy of the mind to cope with a feeling.


This strategy may be born in childhood, a childhood reasoning, trying to get through in an adult world.  We get stuck in childhood strategies when there is an emotional link to a time where we began to feel that way.  Good news is, if we change this child's strategy for a more adult strategy and bring it into the logical mind we can change the way we think going forward.  


I recently changed something for myself using the CONTROL System relating to this. I fairly regularly felt this way and I didn't know why...but somedays I woke up and had a feeling of meh!!...   A  feeling of, I can't be bothered,  I don't want to, lack of motivation, a kind of boredom and just apathy for the day ahead.  Which is very unlike me, generally I am a very motivated person and have a lot of energy so it made me question why do some days, fairly regularly in my life do I feel this way?  In the past I've thought am I getting depressed?  I have nothing to be depressed about, but this lack of feeling makes you think that way. I think it's been there for a long time too! 


So, I thought I'd ask my subconscious.... 

Through using the CONTROL System to communicate with my subconscious, the part of my mind that holds all beliefs, I worked out that this feeling went all the way back to when I was 10... and being bullied at primary school. I saw myself sat alone in the school playground eating a packet of crisps...and it dawned on me it was a coping strategy of that time! I had to go into school each day, I had to face the class, do the schoolwork, get through I kind of went into I don't care, apathetic mode as a survival strategy. So, now as an adult, if I have to get up particularly early for something not fun, or if I don't have a specific plan for a day, or if I feel like I've just got to just get on...I think my subconscious puts me back into this mode to get things done! Which in itself is trying to help and possibly protect me, but it's not making me feel particularly happy or at ease with myself. So, time for a new strategy, a new way of thinking! 


So I've changed it, I went there, which got a bit emotional, but I'm through the other side in a new mindset, with a new adult strategy in place! Uploaded, rebooted, happier! 


It's so interesting to me how we carry around these deep rooted emotional modes of thought and without questioning them, we are at their mercy. They effect our lives and those around us, as we are stuck in an inappropriate mindset.  So next time we're being judgemental to others, let's remember that the way we behave isn't always that plain sailing, or obvious to change.  We are all stuck in patterns of thought from experiences in our own unique lives, that create our own unique realities.  We can change these realities and upload to more appropriate behaviour patterns but it takes a conscious effort and a want to change. So let's help each other by offering a bit of empathy rather than judgement.  


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