Red pill or the blue? How do we loose our conditioning?

Red pill or the blue? How do we loose our conditioning?

Date Posted: 3rd July 2018


I watched the film The Matrix last night. I’ve seen it before, a long time ago, but I saw it from a renewed perspective last night. I was thinking how there is a parallel between the film’s Matrix and our own personal conditioning. How we are unaware that  life is an illusion of conditioning and our mindset is not our own. That is unless we have become consciously aware of ourselves. What I mean by this, is that unless we have chosen our beliefs and our truths and have made a decision to lead our life consciously, we are actually living through a conditioned mindset that has been learnt from others. While we are children we learnt right from wrong on many levels, from different people but it’s who was teaching us at the time who gets to set the program.  At school we take on or rebel against a new set of rules, conditions and outlines. What we do with these sets up another part of our mindset and our truths, our values. Environment and our living conditions will have a say in who we think we are and what we think we deserve to be. All this early experience adds up to create our first brain, our first wiring, our systems of thought. We are all unique, but we are all conditioned. We can’t help this, as children we are not conscious beings. We are not in control of our truths. Values and beliefs are given to us by the world and people around us. 


Now we are adults. We can choose. We can unplug ourselves from this illusion that we are constrained by. These truths, these beliefs are not our own. Now is the time to actually consciously consider what we want to do, who we want to be, what we Belief in, what our values are. I know this sounds all rather simple, and it is relatively so, once we get the drive and ambition to take that leap of faith. As the character Neo has to in the film. We have a choice, as he did too. Take the blue pill and stay in that illusionary state, living our lives with our conditioned responses and behaviours, or take the red pill and wake up to the truth. We are the conscious captain. We can change how we think. We can let go of truths that are not our own. It might seem strange at first, there might be an inner debate that has to happen because these values have run our system for quite a while now but it’s worth the short term confusion and dilemma...because when this truth sinks in, we get to control our lives in this real state of mind. Liberation from conditioning is a fantastic feeling, the numbness dissipates and passion, motivation and drive is woken up. It’s a fresh start, a time to grow up, take charge and grow the way you want to.


So, how can we do this? We need to get thinking. We need to have some time alone and work these things out. How we feel about our life as it is. How we see ourselves. How we react to certain triggers. Because all of this will answer what your conditioned responses are at the moment. We can think about where they came from, but we don’t have to. It’s much more important to work out what we actually want instead. I would suggest that you sit down and write a list of wants, desires for your life. Don’t hesitate, don’t think about whether they’re possible at this stage just write what you want from life. Then look at this list. How do you feel as you read through? As you do, the conditioned thoughts will try and stop the projected positive wants and you will hear these conditioned responses. Remember these are someone else’s opinions and values..not yours! This exercise will help you realise how this conditioned system that you are running is stopping you moving forward in the direction that you choose. In fact you might struggle to think what it is You want....this is because you might not even realise you are allowed to choose! 


Looking forward helps begin a new journey. Once you start peddling on a bike, even though you might not know exactly how to get where you’re going, makes the journey easier than trying to balance on that bike without starting. Begin by moving towards your goal and your mind will look for the way. We are goal striving beings, we just didn’t realise that we could choose the goal! 


So, we have a choice to make with the analogy of the blue pill ...or the red pill. What will you choose? 


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