The Human Experience

The Human Experience

Date Posted: 3rd May 2019





Human behaviour is, without a doubt, complex. We are constantly growing, experiencing our environment and creating new realities for ourselves through this perception. How we view our experiences determine our expectations for future experiences.  Our previous experiences, particularly as children can condition us to think a certain way and create beliefs that are very strong and remain consistent as we age. These beliefs really do define our perspective and also our personalities.  


As we grow and our experience continues, different outside factors can alter our human experience.  Drugs, nutrition, fitness all have a huge impact on our life experiences. Mind altering medication is on the increase in our society. From amphetamine based Ritalin and Adderall for ADHD symptoms and performance enhancement, to psychosomatic meds for depression and anxiety. Beta blockers, hormone replacement meds, energy enhancers and all of these create a new experience for the taker.  Mind altering is commonplace within  the human condition, just as the chemical makeup of the brain will change temporarily with whatever stimulants it deals with. The different chemicals block communication within the mind. Any stimulus creates an experience. Energy drinks, fatty foods, high sugar foods all take their toll as well. As well as petrol fumes, mobile phone radiation waves, and other toxins in the air we intake.  We really are bombarded with mind altering chemicals everywhere we turn. All of this creates anew and different human experience, depending on our lifestyle choices and where we live in the world have a huge impact on how we experience our life. 


One thing is to choose what and how we want to live. The argument here is how much choice do we actually have? Well, I think within the society I live in there’s much choice. In other parts of the world, less so. But wherever we are we all have a given responsibility to self and to the environment to think about what’s happening and our part in it. Rationality has to become the light and we must continue to elevate our consciousness and choose what’s best for the whole and ourselves. I believe we have to constantly consider why we do things the way we do and not just accept things are right because they’ve always been. Radical ideas and concepts are so often  scoffed at and seen as ludicrous at first, but as time has proven again and again, radical thinkers are generally free thinkers able to visualise the future much better than most people around them. I’m very open minded about what’s seen by the majority as right or wrong because I believe we must constantly reflect and renew perspectives, and I am experiencing as I get older my thoughts and believes change with my ability to look at a much larger picture than I could when I was younger. I am still somewhat naive and I’m definitely idealistic, but I do believe that’s always the starting point to progress. Without ideals we wouldn’t have motivation to try and make a difference! 


The human condition for me is ever changing and developing in ways that we cannot foresee and for me this is exciting. To keep elevating we must keep changing, and getting rid of conditioning and anything that keeps us stuck will only enhance the world further. We can see the future as scary, or exciting and it really all comes down to that choice! Our perception is everything to our experience of life and our experience is what we pass down to other generations, through emotions and conditioning, so be sure to consciously act on that whenever we can! 


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