My Book


The Unschooled Life

My book The Unschooled Life  published in 2019 is our family's journey to finding Home Education, and specifically an Unschooled lifestyle.  This year has seen  Home Education taking on a whole new level of energy and interest, as the world changed overnight and we became a global Home educating community for a while. Many families saw the positive impact of being together and it gave them a trial period to try their hand at not being at school.  The Unschooled Life is written with personal experience, memories of confusion and emotion at the raw beginnings. It's essence is about unpacking your personal programming and allowing yourself time to heal and grow with your family. It shares insights and tips into Deschooling your self and the kids and the wider family and most importantly shares a wealth of wisdom into how to create emotional balance and self care .I share lots of tips, that I have learnt over the years of home educating  for parents who are living with their kids 24/7.  I share guidance as to how to cope with frustration and emotions in a conscious productive way. As a therapist as well as a home educating parent I see things through a subconscious perspective and the book is written this way to open up to opportunity in the wake of trauma, chaos and emotional turmoil.  I’ve always thought out the box and now as the box implodes around all of us I can offer a focussed way to help during these chaotic times. 

The Unschooled Life is available to purchase in Kindle and Paper format from Amazon.