Creative Minds


Creative Minds Conscious Crafting Workshops are a great way to unwind, mindfully. We gather together at a beautiful venue, or online and I guide a small group through creating a work of craft.

 These are unlike any other craft workshop...the craft itself is symbolic and the whole creative process takes you on a metaphoric journey to self empowerment and realisation. Meditative interludes grace the event, as well as chatty times to encourage others and relax. Cake, Snacks and Tea are enjoyed when held in person and the whole evening concludes with the craft lovingly being brought into existence.


Various different themes are available, such as The Self Love Mirror, The Mindful Terrarium, The Heartspace Dreamcatcher and The Chakra Bead Suncatcher.  

These evenings are regularly ran at quirky, quaint or historical venues around Kent.












Creative Minds can be adapted for Mindful Birthday Events, for Retreats or Corporate and Group Events. 

"Creativity Is Everything!"

Please email for details of how to book corporate or private Creative Minds Functions