"A coming together of mind and body to create a positive, permanent change."

Lizi Gambell has been a Tattoo Artist for 16 years and is a trained Control Practitioner.

HypnoTattoo is the ideology that Lizi came up with after many years of seeing clients through her tattoo business and finding the correlation between the act of having a tattoo and the need to change something within.

Tattoos are amazing at boosting one's self-esteem, when done well, and Lizi has many first-hand experiences at how tattoos on their own can be life-changing. Her idea was to create a truly special life-changing event when tattoos are done.. a holistic way of seeing an internal and external change in a person in a positive way.

Tattoos after all, in ancient tribal times, were marks of initiation, a step onward into a whole identity, a personal challenge and a never-ending mark of change.

Our western culture has embraced tattooing on a massive scale but Lizi wants to regain the deeper meaning and reconnect tattooing with a positive sense of self.

She has noticed that many people seek tattoos at poignant times in their life, so why not make it a positive life-changing event?

She has been interested in the mind for many years and trained in self-hypnosis, which has helped herself deal with issues in her life and at life-changing events such as the birth of her children. She understands the power hypnosis has on the mind.

She has qualified as a Control Practitioner and has a full understanding of how the mind can get stuck in patterns of negative behaviour and now she has the key to unlock your full potential and create positive behaviour through Hypno Tattoo.

So how does it work?

A HypnoTattoo is a tattoo done in a hypnotic trance to create a hypnotic anchor held within a Tattoo. A hypnotic anchor is a reminder of a positive message that is remembered by touching a specific tattoo on one's body. This process is very relaxing and creates a pleasant experience whilst getting tattooed but goes further and creates a positive state of mind and a gateway to relaxation and a positive message once the tattoo is done.

Lizi offers a HypnoTattoo session as an option at the end of her therapeutic CONTROL System, a small symbolic HypnoTattoo, which cements or anchors the change made using the CONTROL method of change and creates a "boost button" on the body, to reconnect with that positive feeling forever!

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