HYPNOTATTOO was created to enhance the tattooing process for not only my clients but for myself too. I wanted to bring in some of the more ancient ways and hypnotic trance elements of a day gone by. I was sick of the vanity aspect of my job and was seeing that the traditional and fundamental initiation ritual of tattooing was being lost to a sense of fitting in and fashion. I felt very uneasy with this and when I trained as a remedial hypnotist and started aligning to therapy work it made total sense to me to alter my tattoo work as well.


Hypnotattoo is a ceremonial experience. I use meditation, visualisation, hypnotic trance and hypnotic anchoring to create a tattoo that when touched awakens your subconcious mind to a memory, a memory specifically aligned to what you want to change in your life. 

Hypnotattoo is a self empowerment tool. It is a real tattoo, custom drawn unique pieces. One of a kind designed and positioned on the body in easy to reach places, as you need to be able to touch them to connect to their hypnotic power. 

The ceremony itself comprises of a consultation, which is done  prior to the ceremony, in this meeting I form an understanding of what it is you wish to change and we discuss this in detail and together we come up with your affirmation to put into your Hypnotattoo.


The tattoo is drawn up for the ceremony date and the private studio is set, complete with candles, meditative music and incense to create the ambience of ritual and ceremony. You are guided into a beautiful relaxing meditation by my voice and the music as I create your hypno-tattoo in your skin and the subconscious link in your mind. Once you are awakened and the tattoo completed, I show you how to trigger the Hypnotattoo for yourself. 

Hypnotattoo has been used for many reasons, for example to help with maintaining healthy attitudes towards food, making healthier decisions and alleviating you from addictive cravings, for emotional issues such as anxiety and fear, overwhelm and depression. To uplift your personal power and belief of your self and for manifesting confidence and self awareness. In grief and rememberence of a loved one, for closure of a relationship or loss. Many, many fascinating Hypnotattoo ceremonies have taken place and each and every one is as unique as the client. 

I work with couples and friends too, these are beautiful ceremonies to cement in love, friendship and gratitude with each other. In these ceremonies, both of you share the same tattoo design and are sat next to each other during both Hypnotattoo rituals.

"Hypnotattoo is a way to find your Truth."

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