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The Kent Wellness Festival 13/14 July 2019

Lizi will be attending the Kent Wellness Festival with a stand at the event all weekend and hosting a free to attend talk  ‘What is Hypnotattoo?’ On Saturday 13th July at 12.15 

Come along and learn about how Lizi created Hypnotattoo and how she enables her clients to empower themselves through the hypnotic anchoring tattoo technique. She will also be offering live Hypnotattoos from her stand at the event! At a reduced price for the show. 




Friday, 9th August 2019 

Day Retreat with Medela and Tru-Nature Therapies


Lizi, from Tru-Nature Therapies joins forces with Nicola from Medela to offer nine people a day of retreat. This day promises to be a wonderful retreat from your life to find your true nature. They will combine their specialties to enable you to upgrade your belief system and encourage self expression, emotional balance and harmony of body, mind and energy.

Throughout the day, which will be held nestled in a natural environment in the beautiful Kent countryside, you will embark on a self awakening journey.  You will be lovingly guided to break through emotional blocks and imbalances you may have and change personal perspective becoming empowered and healed through learning The CONTROL System, a way to upgrade your subconscious patterns and behaviours, changing one thing for yourself on the day.  Kundalini Reiki healing will be offered as energy shifts take place. A healing pack will be created for you with a personalisd essential oil, mixed to your specific requirements, a crystal to enhance your personal healing and a few other goodies.

There will be a healthy lunch provided and drinks throughout the day.  Our beautiful retreat venue enables us to hold a fire pit ceremony at the closure of our day, as a final cleanse of our old selves. Stepping into our new way of thinking and being as we leave to return home refreshed and more whole than when we arrived. 

Limited to 9 exclusive places.


Day Retreats

3rd May 2019
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