Day Retreats

Date Posted: 3rd May 2019


Lizi runs Workshops and Day Retreats set in the beautiful Kent countryside that promote balance, mental well being and finding your true self again.

Day Retreats are held in a natural setting to enhance Nature’s balance. Each day is uniquely orchestrated with the individual participants involved. Lizi will teach you the amazing CONTROL method to be able to talk to your own subconscious and make changes to your belief system and your perspective on yourself, your life and your conditioning.

Nicola is a Reiki master and a CONTROL practitioner. She creates a beautiful healing space in which to work and harness your inner power. During the day there are opportunities to receive reiki healing and crystal healing.  This is particularly welcome if we cross an emotional bridge during the workshop. We will help and encourage you to make the shift and let it go with energy healing and support.

The outdoor space facilitates the balance within us all during the retreat and focuses our efforts in realigning our personal energy and experience balance in its true form. 

We enjoy a fresh local produce buffet at lunchtime and refreshments throughout the day. A beautiful affirmation fire at the end of the day before we all go home and step into our lives with our new perspective and patterns of thought.

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