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Your Freedom Begins Here

Finding Your True Nature Within


Lizi Sage


Holding Space for you to Grow

Meet Lizi Sage: The Bohemian Hypnotist 

Step into the realm of transformative wellness experiences with Lizi Sage, the Bohemian Hypnotist and a guiding force behind the enchanting offerings at TruNature.


A true aficionado of nature's wonders, Lizi seamlessly weaves the tapestry of hypnotic exploration, nature connection, creativity and holistic well-being.

As The Bohemian Hypnotist, Lizi is dedicated to crafting immersive and awakening spiritual journeys. With a unique blend of nature-infused creative hypnosis, she invites you to embark on a quest of self-discovery and deep connection. 

At Tru Nature, Lizi curates experiences that go beyond the ordinary, guiding participants through a mystical blend of outdoor, barefoot Meditation experiences in the summer season and cosy immersive events through the colder months. Whether you seek relaxation, introspection, or a deeper connection with your inner self, Lizi's events, therapeutic sessions or Hypnotattoo experiences promise a journey into the realms of the soul.

With a bohemian spirit and a hypnotic touch, Lizi Sage invites you to join her on a path of holistic wellness, where the whispers of meditation, the creative flow of tattooing and art and the symphony of therapeutic gongs and sound bowls create a truly transformative experience.


Embrace the magic of the present moment and let The Bohemian Hypnotist guide you toward a heightened state of spiritual consciousness.

Connect with Lizi Sage and embark on a journey of self-discovery at Tru Nature, where wellness meets the enchanting rhythms of nature and craetive expression.

Meet Lizi
why tru-nature?

Finding Your True Nature, begins within!

 Mind, Body and Spirit working in alignment to Un-Earth your forgotten self.

We all hold trauma as unresolved emotion and have many years of subconscious programming stored in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, underneath which, lies your True Nature.

Wild, strong and waiting for you to uncover, so you can begin living your life aligned, full of energy and in your Sovereign power.

Lizi implements different techniques, to intuitively free this inner self and facilitate your journey with experiences to awaken the truer you, heal and set free anything that holds you back, aligning you to the path you choose to go to grow.

 Hypnosis, Deep Open Conversations, Subconcious Communication Earthing, Sound, Breathwork, Embodied Movement, Meditation,Visualisation and her ceremonial tattoo technique, Hypnotattoo.

Energy is stored in our bodies as emotion, parts of us repress what we don't want to feel because of fear. Life tends to bring these up to the surface in looping patterns... are you being called now to look at this?


"Lizi is amazing, she made me feel really relaxed and calm. I feel amazing after this experience and feel like a weight has lifted off me and I'm back to my old self again. Relaxed and more positive. Would highly recommend."

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