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What Our Clients Say

Nicola Bentley

I can not recommend this system enough to anyone who is struggling, be it day to day tasks or massive events in your life. Be pro-active and make a positive change with a person who is full of love and energy that only wants to see the best in you.


Lizi is amazing and not only do you get a beautiful tattoo but a life changing experience which changes your outlook on life!!



I visited Lizi following a recommendation from a friend who had recently had a HypnoTattoo completed.  Our son had passed away the previous year and I had been experiencing anxieties in certain situations.  Lizi was so easy to talk to and she worked through the control system with me over a period of weeks.  From the very beginning I began to feel more at ease and able to cope better in difficult situations and now having had my HypnoTattoo completed I feel I have that permanent boost there if and when it is needed.  For me it has been an extremely positive experience and I wish that I had visited sooner!  



I Came to Lizi needing help addressing issues from my childhood that have carried through to my adult life. After 3 sessions and my hypnotattoo I feel much stronger and able to face my situation, plan for the future and make the necessary decisions. Lizi also helped me come to terms with the death of my brother for which I will be forever grateful. Lizi showed nothing but support and kindness while guiding me through the control System. 



I was recommended by a friend to lizi as I suffered for years from anxiety. After my first session I was amazed, it wasn't what I expected at all, no watches or crazy hippy chanting, it was amazing! I left feeling lighter and much more positive about what the future will bring from having the control system in my life. 


The experience and sessions have had
a huge impact on me. I am on a journey, but now I'm navigating myself not on auto-pilot following a route with my eyes closed and numb to scenery going past.

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