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Your Freedom Begins Here

Finding Your True Nature Within


Lizi Sage


Holding Space for you to Grow

Welcome to this space. Whatever brought you here, I am forever grateful. It is here that we will begin to open up together to a renewed perspective, open a dialogue logically and spiritually to allow you to start to open to your truest nature.


When we go inward, we see things differently. When we open up into nothingness, we start to see clearer.


It is my aim, focus and intent to help you come away from cycles and patterns that don't serve you anymore and realign into a harmonious and centred way of thinking, feeling and being. My observation is that each and everyone of us is whole. We just have emotional blockages and programming that's in the way of us realising this. So I have researched and learnt techniques to let go of these layers and find our true nature in the richness of our depths that was there all along. 

I have worked closely with people for over two decades as a tattoo artist and in my wiser years, transcended to intuitive one to one and group subconscious change work. I hold regular Energy Events and Gatherings that enable my guests to open up to their source of personal power and inner strength. Working from the Kent countryside at Eternal Lake Nature Reserve, I align and work with Nature's abundant energy to bring the potency of Earthing and frequency connection through us to grow our Mind, Body and Spirit Connection.


I run one to one in person sessions, sessions for couples and groups, mediating conscious connection  through Subconscious Change Work, Earthing, Sound and Meditation.

Wellness Workshops for larger groups and alternative events such as hen-dos and spiritual parties.

Meet Lizi
why tru-nature?

Finding Your True Nature, starts in Nature!

 At Eternal Lake Nature Reserve, we look at health in a holistic way, Mind , Body and Spiritually working in alignment to Un-Earth your forgotten self.

We all hold trauma as unresolved emotion and have many years of subconscious programming stored in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, underneath which, lies your True Nature.

Wild, strong and waiting for you to uncover, so you can begin living your life aligned, full of energy and in your Sovereign power.

We use different techniques, events and health tools to intuitively free this inner self and facilitate your journey with experiences to awaken the truer you, heal and set free anything that holds you back, aligning you to the path you choose to go to grow.

Subconscious Hypnosis, Deep Open Conversations, Earthing, Sound, Breathwork, Embodied Movement, Meditation,Visualisation and Education.

We are situated in the most beautiful of places, at the heart of the Kent countryside, surrounded by lakes and nature we can be on the land and connect deeply to the healing benefits of Nature immersion.


"Lizi is amazing, she made me feel really relaxed and calm. I feel amazing after this experience and feel like a weight has lifted off me and I'm back to my old self again. Relaxed and more positive. Would highly recommend."

Fog and Nature

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Eternal Lake Nature Reserve
Salt Lane

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