Find your happy, open up to your wild side, change your perspective, tap into your reason for being here, unearth your truth, step into your true nature, free your self, find coherence within, let go of trauma and emotional blockages, re-balance physical pain or dis-ease, step up into your power, Alter your energetic frequency, strengthen your spirit.

Online  Sessions with Lizi

* 1 hour one to one 

* Hypnosis Techniques to enable inner change and upgrades.

* Meditation Journeys to visualise and manifest your chosen future.

* Re-focusing, Parenting Yourself, Change Perspectives, Beliefs and Mindsets.

*  Energy Healing and Cleansing.

*  Meditation Package for use at home.

* Further Self-Education Package.

* Journalling Package.






Investment of £150.00 




(Including all three packages and 1 hour with Lizi.)

It's time, can you hear the call?

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