Ceremonial Work

 Ceremony and Ritual is so lost within our current culture but I envision it becoming a daily part of our lives once again. I hold ceremonial events to facilitate this knowledge and create the atmosphere of relaxation and curiosity into the unknown, into the worlds of imagining and dreams. There are different events held throughout the year, all are centered around meditation as I believe this is the purest way to reach our true potential in life and unlock our inner nature. 










Cacao Ceremonies are beautiful rituals set around the amazing plant medicine Cacao, this natural stimulant works on our heart centre to open us up into love, feelings of connected abundance and gratitude. It has such a loving way and feels very nurturing and nourishing, it facilitates beautiful dreams after the ceremony and a loving warmth during the meditation. We use sound healing during the ceremony to evoke a deeper journey and imaginative curiosity. Cacao is not a psychedelic and is mild in its nature, so perfect for anyone who wants to experience a deep and beautiful experience of ceremony and ritual. These ceremonies are held throughout the year at cosy venues. 


Earthing Ceremonies are a ceremony in nature, with the focus on connection and balance.  Held in beautiful natural spaces, we embark on a walking meditation through nature, mindfully connecting to the Earth beneath our unbridled feet.  We will journey back in time and connect with our ancestors who lived more inline with nature and open our hearts and bodies to this knowledge. We connect with the trees, weather and plants as we go. These fun and engaging ceremonies are held in the Spring and Summer months at beauty spots throughout Kent.



















"Ceremony instills intent and intent creates focus."

To find out more about upcoming ceremonies please see the events page

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