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Earthing is a natural way to discharge your electrical body and earth your physical self. This decreases the amounts of positively charged ions in your system and reduces inflammation, which is the precursor to dis-ease and malfunctions. Earthing is a very useful way to rapidly create homeostasis or balance in the Mind and Body, thus helping one's mental and physical health. I am a huge advocate of daily earthing as I have first hand witnessed its potency in my own experience and realigning of my physical and mental health through challenging times of emotional upheaval. We are cut off from the earth through insulation shoes, homes and lifestyle and in order to reconnect with the magnetosphere of our planet and its healing energies, simply go outside barefoot for at least 20minutes a day.

It will change your life!

Ceremony and Ritual is so lost within our current culture but I envision it becoming a daily part of our lives once again. I hold ceremonial events to facilitate this knowledge and create the atmosphere of relaxation and curiosity into the unknown, into the worlds of imagining and dreams. I have created Wild Walks which are Spring and Summer events that incorporate Earthing, Meditation, Sacred Silent Time in Nature, Tea Ceremony and Nature Art Creation.

Wild Walks are events in nature, with the focus on connection and balance.  Held in beautiful natural spaces, we embark on a walking meditation through nature, mindfully connecting to the Earth beneath our unbridled feet. We clear negative and low frequencies with energy work.  We will journey back in time and connect with our ancestors who lived more inline with nature and open our hearts and bodies to this knowledge through Heart entered Meditation. We connect with the trees, weather and plants as we go. 

These events can be booked for alternative hen dos, baby showers, for groups of friends, or colleagues to connect in a different and healthy way.

Free Pop Up Earthing Events Coming To Kent This Summer!

Look Out On Social Media for Details!

Price for private functions on request.

Please contact me to book.


 "Ceremony instills intent and intent creates focus."














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