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In Person Sessions

I am a remedial hypnotist and work with the wonderful Subconscious Mind to communicate directly the changes wanted. The subconscious is the 95% of who we are and the seat of all of our emotional programmes.

I use Visualisation Techniques, Meditation Journeys and deep talks to look forward into the future with you and work out what you want to change or upgrade to find your Truer Self.

Phobias, Relationship Issues, Food Issues, Confidence Issues, Overwhelm, Empath Issues, Life Issues! 

Energy Work to enable Energy Healing and cutting of unwanted attachments and facilitate a re-balancing of the Chakras, through sound and meditation. 

 I work holistically like this to bring harmony and balance to the subconscious in a relaxing and nurturing way. I realise that everyone is a unique being and unique strategies are created with each and every session.

I understand pain as our body's way to communicate dis-harmony and dis-ease, talking to the body through the subconscious and enabling therapeutic relaxation we can change the frequency and thought patterns easily and upgrade to a new way of thinking and be-ing.









"Change can happen in a second, if it's enabled by the subconscious mind."


In Person/ Online Sessions

 £90.00 per session. £250.00 for three session plan.

I will welcome you to an open conversation, without judgement, as we chat through what's happened and happening in your life. Including victim cycles, being too empathic and people pleasing, addictions, fear based emotions, negative relationships cycles and will encourage you to make direct changes using  techniques of  subconscious refocus, energy healing and visualise a future Self of positivity and uncovering of your true nature. We will discover and change patterns within your thinking and feeling programs and facilitate a new way of thinking and being. We will visualise and meditate with sound healing frequencies and allow your body to relax into a new pathway and a new way of being. 

Multiple sessions allow us to consolidate work and be sure of changes, working deeply within the subconscious programs

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